What program do i need to use presets?

Our presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC desktop MacOS / Windows.


You also can use them with Lighroom Mobile, if you have desktop version as well.

I don't shoot RAW photos, will your presets work for me?

We recommend to shoot in RAW, it gives you access to all data in image, and it's much more flexible. Our presets still work with  JPGs, such as phone photos and GoPro photos. 

How can i get presets?

All downloads are instant. You will get presets immediately via email after purchasing them.

Which currency do you use?

At the moment prices are in RUB.
1 RUB = 0,018 USD

How to import presets to Lightroom:

Unzip archive

In Lightroom Classic: 
Click Lightroom - Preferences (Mac) or File - Preferencec (Win)
On the tab Presets click Show(Open) presets folder
It will open Adobe folder, go to Lightroom folder then go to Develop presets folder
Copy folder with our presets (that you got after unzipping) to this folder
Restart Lightroom

You will see our presets on the left in Develop module (you can change modules in the right top corner).